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Leeds Girls' Academy

FET Free School  proposer group is comprised of a wide range of professionals all of whom are experienced educationalist and passionate about improving educational opportunity in the Leeds area.

The FET Free School proposer group comprises of experienced school professionals whom have experience in opening successful Free Schools,  implementing School Improvement and has significant experience in the provision of outstanding education. 

In line with current best practice, FET have exercised their responsibility to conduct a survey to collect and collate responses from stakeholders in the Leeds area. The group need to asses the demand for a new Free School which will offer 4 forms of entry per year group (120 places). The FET proposer group wishes to consult with members of the local community to gauge the potential impact a new school may have, this will include media coverage, open meetings, written correspondence and web-based literature being freely available to all stakeholders. 

FET proposer group would welcome feed back by either contacting the Trusts headquarters or completing the dedicated survey  below. The survey will run from 24th June 2019 until 9th September 2019.